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I can confirm that insomniac moon is inactive, sadly, but that is my fault, i honestly don't like ucoz and have decided to move to another cms so insomniac moon will get a new domain and a new cms, so make sure you register on the new on as soon as it's ready!
Thank you!
- Hennamann
Views: 2559 | Added by: Hennamannn | Date: 12.26.2012 | Comments (1)

I am sorry for the inactivity the lately... we are working on it and are planning a podcast coming soon! 
Check it here and here.

In other news! In this week our own youtube channel will be made! Featuring all kinda exclusive videos!
And i have started to record and edit all of the disruptor cutscense which will be uploaded to youtube and this website (so you can download them.) They are even in HD 720p! 

That should be all, there will be more updates in the future!
Views: 978 | Added by: Hennamannn | Date: 09.08.2012 | Comments (0)

So guys we finally have a team consisting of:

Three moderators:


One IMM(Insomniac Moon Manager):


One News Manager:


And we just setup a twitter. wich will help you to get small news about the website, and small news about RAC, wich don't fit in a news post on the website!
Go and check it and follow it at!/InsomniacMoon

And you have probalby spotted some changes on the site since last post? well i'm gonna give some info about it!

The blog 

The blog is a new feature where great game reviews, exclusive interviews, and other exclusive stuff will be so check there often for the latest updates! 


... Read more »
Views: 798 | Added by: Hennamannn | Date: 07.04.2012 | Comments (2)

Welcome Welcome Welcome! To Insomniac Moon! Insomniac Moon or IM for short, is the first Insomniac Games fansite! Having great downloads... so hear are some important details to note:

You may recognize my nickname... Hennamann? Well it's me... and you may think, what about vox holofilms... well... it's closed no more vh... so here we are... here we will hopefully have more news since there is a bunch of other games coming up from insomniac games... so yeah! And i also wnats to mention that instead of me being adminstrator, i'm the media manager, this is because i have decided to give the adminstrator job to glitchking... while me myself got adminstrator tools and moderator tools will be media manager! The reason of this is me, i have gotten much better euqipment since last time... and i hope i can focus more on being a mod and upload videos music and such instead of coding designs and such... i believe glitchking is better than me on it to be honest...
But ... Read more »
Views: 738 | Added by: Hennamannn | Date: 06.30.2012 | Comments (10)

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